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The original photos for all three Vampire Weekend Albums

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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Vampire Weekend’s official Grammy portrait for winning Best Alternative Album for ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ (photo by Danny Clinch)

This Sunday, April 20, 2014, marks the 4-year anniversary of the BP oil spill. Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded releasing 4.1 million barrels of oil into the Gulf and killing 11 workers, new research continues to show that the effects of the spill are more far reaching than most had ever imagined. As BP continues to run misleading ads suggesting the Gulf is fine, and as they continue to argue the extent of their liability in court, the Gulf continues to wait for full restoration. #4yearslater BP must be held fully accountable for their actions in one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S history. 

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I love this film and I love this joke!

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