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Two hours later and this beauty is finished! I loveeee it 😍 Killer Whales are my most favourite animal and I’ve been against captivity and seaworld my whole life and now I have one to show my love for them 😊 My sister designed it and my tattoo artist changed the shape and took some of the detail out so it’s completely one of a kind 💙


What a show! If you haven’t gone whale-watching—or spied them off our ocean-view decks—you better get going! It’s turning out to be another fantastic year. Massive schools of anchovies are attracting hundreds of dolphins, seals, birds and these gentle giants—it’s a feeding frenzy! 

Some boats are seeing 70 whales spread over several miles. Humpbacks are one of the more common baleen whales in the sanctuary, mostly during summer and fall as they feast on krill and schools of anchovies and sardines. A humpback can consume up to 3,000 pounds per day! They use use air bubbles to herd, corral or disorient fish. They often feed in the same spot for several days, making these whales easy to find. Humpbacks are the favorite of many whale-watchers, as these whales frequently perform aerial displays, such as breaching or slapping the surface with their pectoral fins, tails, or heads. These whales are believed to winter in the coastal waters of Mexico and Central America and like blue whales, are still considered endangered.

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